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The Sun Egress windows well system is designed to combine the three most important aspects of an egress window well: Safety, Durability and Elegance. We have achieved this by combining a sleek, paintable fiberglass surface with a design that promotes natural sunlight, and creates a safer escape than most egress wells.


1 Clear wind-resistant lid withstands 250 lbs, fastens in place (wind won't open). Very little force from underneath will open for easy exit. Lets in lots of natural sunlight.

2 Integrated Skirt for use with sloping grades; allows a smooth-surface exterior finish.

3 Integrated Egress Ladder for easy exit.

4 Sloping Floor Pan and Optional Drain ensures a dry, weed and dirt free window well space year-round.

5 Durable Fiberglass Construction on all components ensures a tough product that will withstand all the elements.

Sun Egress window wells improve the safety of standard window wells.

For starters, the overall size of the Sun Egress window wells resembles that of a normal ground floor window. This eliminates the need to climb up through a small opening.

The integrated ladder is ergonomic and allows for an easy escape.

The clear lid helps to keep leaves and clutter from blocking your escape route, while still being easily opened from the inside.

We have designed the Sun Egress window wells to comply with IRC 2006 codes for egress window wells. Click Here to read more!

Sun Egress has a durable fiberglass design that will hold strong against the elements.

The clear lid is made of a UV stabilized copolymer thermal plastic that can withstand weights of up to 250 lbs!

The lid securely grips around the egress well, which allows it to hold strong. It can even stay closed in strong winds!



Perhaps the most unique feature of Sun Egress window wells are their aesthetic design.

The fiberglass surface comes standard in a light grey, and offers a smooth clean surface. Custom colors are available to easily integrate with your design.

The clear lid promotes natural sunlight, while still keeping the elements out.

The completely enclosed design protects your windows and your basement from unwanted mud, water, or pests.

The large size allows you to install regular sized windows in your basement, making guests wonder if they are even down stairs.

Sun Egress windows are a complete egress system in one. This makes installation easy. Click below to download installation or retrofit instructions.

Installation Instructions

Retrofit Instructions

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